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CEO Jonathon Amaya former New Orleans Saints

CEO of Sports Training Los Angeles Jonathon Amaya played in the NFL 4 years


Youth tackle football Training has Arrived – 2016! Attention Elementary and Middle School Parents and Athletes… Gain Football Knowledge and Physical Skills with Youth Football Fundamental Training.

Our goal is to develop an affordable training series that develops speed, strength and movements that produce great fundamentals for youth football athletes.

Tackle Football/Cheer contact Wilshire Huskies – (323) 960-5161

Workout questions, contact Coach Rhodes – (831) 435-6581

Sports Training Los Angeles provides nationwide workout routines, speed, muscle and strength training for athletes, teams and clients. We work with all ages including elementary, middle, high school, college, university and professional athletes.

If you want to become fundamentally great then you will need speed (velocity), muscles and strength. We specialize in making youth athletes stronger and faster.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• Fundamental Technical Instruction

• Essential game aspects by position

• Position drills

• Offense

• Defense

• 1 on 1 competition/coaching

• 7 on 7 competition/coaching

• Speed Reaction

• Stress Resistance/Tolerance

• Movement quality

• Rhythm

• Coordination

• Angles of Efficiency

• Balance

• Flexibility

Football Training Starts Now! – June – July 2016

Call Now (831)435-6581

Darrell Rhodes

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May 28, 2016 at 1:59 pm

Tackle Football/Cheer contact Wilshire Huskies – (323) 960-5161 – Call today!

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