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Rated #1 in Los Angeles County for Sports Performance Training, Coaching & Personal Training.

Sports Training Los Angeles offers Track and Field Training for the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 400 meter, 800 meter, 1 mile, 2 mile, 4×100 relay, 4×200 relay, 4×400, 4×800, 100 meter hurdles, 300 meter hurdles, pole vault, long jump, triple jump, high jump, discus, shot put and javelin.


A Track and Field team workout requires drills that focus on the cardiovascular system. Track and Field training should be tailored to condition athletes that can keep up with the sports’ demands. Workouts that encourage athletes to strengthen their speed, agility, coordination and core leg muscle strength are excellent to practice in a team setting. Sprint and stride intervals are vital to any of these workouts along with event simulations which train athletes to exercise their maximum efforts throughout each part of their event.


Sports Training

Sports training is an educational process involving great trainers and willing trainees to improve their performance in any given athletic area. Training for each sport, team and athlete is incredibly different. Sports Training Los Angeles designs programs fit meet the unique demands of every case in order to achieve athlete’s desired outcomes.


Athletic Training

Athletic training is integral to the increased physical capacity, health care, treatment and wellness protection of anyone athlete, team or individual looking to reach their own personal growth. Any sort of training requires a skilled expert, or team, that works to optimize the possibility for success. Training encompasses constant collaboration between athletic trainers, health care professionals and others to ensure a trainee’s best results and well-being. Here, at Sports Training Los Angeles, our trainers work diligently to reach your goals.


Sports Performance Training

Sports Performance training gives athletes and anyone interested in their personal fitness an incredible opportunity to hone their skills, improve speed, endurance, flexibility and balance among other areas. With Sports Training Los Angeles we can help you shed a few pounds or provide the definition you need to succeed as an athlete. We provide full fitness assessments as you go along while accessing your body’s strengths and areas for improvement in order to successfully guide you through your sports training process.


Fundamental Sports Training

Fundamental sports training focuses on providing an athlete or trainee with the most important skill for any given sport or athletic situation. For example, learning how to successfully run a spring, catch or three a basketball and kick a soccer ball among others. Sports Training Los Angeles guarantees that we will provide you with all the necessary fundamental skills you need to participate in competitive sports or for your own personal athletic growth.


Athletic Performance

Athletic performance is influenced by the combination of physiological, psychological and socio-cultural aspects. Your entire nervous system, body and spirit should work together to achieve athletic performance excellence. At Sports Training Los Angeles we are determined to work with you to achieve your greatest athletic performance.


Agility Training

Agility training emphasizes speed, quickly changing direction as well as improving one’s reaction. Agility training encompasses speed ladder drills, sprints and other exercises in order to ensure maximum results. At Sports Training Los Angeles, we will make sure that your workouts will provide a rigorous combination of physical exercise and visual vigilance.



Velocity is defined as “the quickness of motion” and “rapidity of movement”. Velocity based training has been shown to improve overall performance through a combination of increasing the athlete’s rate of force and speed at which that force is applied. This is incredibly important for any kind of athletics training. With Sports Training Los Angeles, work toward achieving your maximum velocity strength with workouts catered to your specific needs and conditions.


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We will refund any training session fees 30 days after sign up if you are not completely satisfied – 100% Money Back Guarantee

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