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Sports Training Los Angeles works to provide you with the best personal trainer to reach your results and fitness wishes. Our personal trainers motive you, help you set goals, provide constructive feedback and consistently show up. We help maintain your regimen, address your strengths and weaknesses with regular assessments as well as training sessions. For more information on how to hire one of our personal trainers, contact us today!


STLA offers fitness programs for bodybuilding, weight loss, body transformations, fat loss, general fitness, muscle and strength building and injury rehab.
If you are looking for a results driven personal trainer… then Look no further than Sports Training Los Angeles (STLA), we are rated the best in Los Angeles and surrounding counties for personal training.


We guarantee to successfully transform the shape of your body, improve your self-image and boost your general health or your money back! Call today or register on this website and see how fast we can get you into the best shape of your life!


Hire a Personal Trainer

Losing weight or adding muscle is no simple task. Shedding unwanted pounds and maintaining an ideal weight requires a holistic approach. You must find equilibrium between a well-balanced diet, consistent workouts and push yourself to being accountable to a healthier lifestyle. More times than not, this can be a challenging task to take on by yourself, hiring a weight loss or muscle building trainer comes with lots of benefits that should be closely considered. Here are the top three:

1) Reach Your Goals

A STLA personal trainer will always help you set your goals. She or he will evaluate your current fitness level and determine what goals are most feasible for your time and investment. A trainer will make your goals more realistic and develop how to assess your achievements along the way to your weight loss or muscle building goal.

2) Personalized Fitness Routine

While going to the gym or running on your own may seem easier, a STLA personal trainer will create a specific workout plan for you that will help you reach your weight loss or muscle building goals with better results. Because the STLA trainer knows your condition, medical background, target areas, strengths and weaknesses, your personalized workout will fit your needs. Also, a STLA trainer will make sure to keep your routines dynamic, energizing while also effective.

3) Motivation & Accountability

It’s hard to stay motivated when you do this on your own and when you don’t see the results you want immediately. A STLA weight loss or muscle building trainer will keep your energies up and even if you don’t have your trainer with you everyday, knowing that someone supports you in your personal efforts to transform your body will increase your spirits. Your STLA weight loss or muscle building trainer will also keep you accountable and make sure you do not relapse into unhealthy eating habits or skip out on sessions.

Start Working Out Today –

Sometimes the hardest part about exercising is at the starting line. Like any other activity, starting can be the most challenging but after that, you’re glad you made the effort and look forward to doing it all over again. Here are a few reasons to get you motivated to begin exercising today!

Workout because You Win at Life!

Setting goals for yourself and achieving them when you work out translates to other areas in your life. Setting your mind to something and seeing the results will impact your life overall in a positive way.

Workout for your family and friends!

People in your life need you at your best. Think of exercising as another way to show your love and invest in long lasting relationships. Working out increases your energy to spend as much time as possible with your loved ones.

Workout because it Makes You Happy!

Exercising has been scientifically shown to release positive energy hormones. Consistently working out will make you happier in the moment and in the long term when you see the fruits of your labor.

Workout because it makes your life easier!

After you begin a solid workout routine, you become leaner, stronger, happier and more able to manage your life. Tasks that you considered stressful become more manageable and less daunting. Workout to make your life fuller and greater than it has ever been before!

Workout because you love your body!

Your body is the vessel that carries you in the world and you must take care of it to the best you can. Fill your body with the right nutrients to fuel your day’s work and exercise your muscles to extend years on your life. Learn to love your body not just when you reach your goal of killer abs but for everything your body does on a daily basis.

Let us build you a custom workout routine.

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