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Rated #1 in Druid Hills for Workout Routines, Speed Training, Muscle and Strength Training, Youth Sports & Sports Trainers.

Sports Training Los Angeles provides workout routines, speed training, muscle and strength training for athletes, teams and private clients nationwide.
We work with all ages including youth sports, elementary, middle, high school, college, university and professional athletes.

We also offer youth sports, sports performance training, conditioning workouts, running workouts, speed and agility drills, sprint training,
speed workouts, men fitness and more!

Sports Training services include:

Basketball training, Football training, Baseball training, Soccer training, Track and Field training, Tennis training, Boxing training, Rugby training, Wrestling training, weight training, strength training, resistance training, weight lifting for women, workout routines for women, Travel Team training, body weight training, circuit weight training, core strength training, Athletic camps, Group workouts, Weight loss, Body sculpting, Fitness modeling and New Muscle Building Foods!

Training Drills

STLA has hundreds of training drills to help you rise above the competition including: soccer drills, linebacker drills, outside linebacker, quarterback drills, running back drills, defensive back drills, wide receiver drills, basketball shooting drills, volleyball hitting drills, soccer shooting drills, hitting drills, football drills, football conditioning drills, flag football drills, basketball drills, fun basketball drills, defensive basketball drills, football drills for kids, basketball drills for kids, youth basketball drills, baseball drills for kids, basketball drills for beginners, little league baseball drills, youth baseball hitting drills, youth football drills, basketball drills for middle school, youth basketball drills, kids soccer drills, youth soccer drills, hitting drills for youth, soccer training drills, soccer drills for kids and youth baseball drills.

Youth Sports

STLA offers youth sports training consisting of fun dynamic warm up exercises for kids as well as youth baseball, youth baseball training, coaching youth baseball, youth basketball, youth basketball training, coaching youth football, coaching youth basketball coaching youth tennis, coaching youth soccer, coaching youth track and field, youth football, youth soccer, coaching youth softball and baseball drills for kids.

Muscle and strength training

STLA offers strength building workouts, strength training exercises, strength training for beginners, basketball strength training,
muscle and strength workouts, muscle building and some of the best muscle building workouts.


STLA helps athletes with developing key muscles, explosive speed, fundamental greatness, better conditioning, better coordination, better agility and quicker reaction speed.

Speed Training

STLA specializes in Speed and Agility training, speed and agility drills, speed and agility workouts, Speed training drills, Speed training workouts and Speed training equipment.

Sports trainers and coaches

STLA has a nationwide database of top sports trainers and coaches including: Sports trainer, sports coach, running coach, speed coach, football coach, basketball coach, track coach, tennis coach, soccer cooach, boxing coach, basketball trainer, football trainer, baseball trainer, tennis trainer, softball trainer, boxing trainer, volleyball trainer, soccer trainer, track and field trainer and more!

Introducing New muscle building supplements and Muscle Building Food!

Athlete Performance Training

Our Athlete Performance training gives athletes and anyone interested in their personal fitness an incredible opportunity to hone their skills, improve speed, endurance, muscle, strength, flexibility and balance among other areas. We provide full fitness assessments as you go along while accessing your body’s strengths and areas for improvement in order to successfully guide you through your sports training process.

We build custom workout routines for athletes, teams and personal clients and train all ages including elementary, middle, high school, college, university and professional athletes.

Elementary School Athletes

During this critical time, young athletes are ready to absorb new information, movements and habits. For child athletes, Sports Training Los Angeles works to create the necessary foundations that make athletics both fun and constructive. Elementary school level athletes will be exposed to the basics of sports and training to ensure their high performance, injury prevention and long term commitment to athletics.

Middle School Athletes

Sports training programs for young athletes must be well-rounded, comprehensive and encourage hard work above all. Sports Training Los Angeles knows that a training program for adolescent athletes should address every muscle group in the body, increase athletes’ exposure to different exercises and create a dynamic and consistent environment for training. As these young athletes hone in on their skills they will become better prepared for the athletic future that awaits them.

Private School Athletes

Athletic programs are fundamental to the private school experience. While in public schools sports are seen as optional, private school students have an advantage being exposed to a balanced education that exercises the mind and body. Competitive and recreational sports at private schools foster invaluable lessons about team work, competition and personal growth. Sports Training Los Angeles looks to work with private school students who wish to improve their skills and thrive in their given fields.

High School Athletes

It is essential for high school athletes to manage their growing skills. While high school level athletes might be participating in more than one sport, it is important to combine cardiovascular fitness activities with a custom strength training program. With Sports Training Los Angeles, we guarantee that our training programs will reap major successes for our young promising athletes.

College Athletes

Sports Training Los Angeles knows that college level athletes require training that prepares them for competitive performance. College athletes should hold themselves to the same high standards of professional athletes. With Sports Training Los Angeles, we develop tailored programs to approach college level athletes’ training in overall strength, conditioning and injury prevention among other areas. If you want to play D1 sports, then you will need speed (velocity), muscles and strength. We specialize in making professional and D1 athletes stronger and faster.

Personal Training and Coaching include:

Boxing Personal Training, Football Personal Training, Baseball Team Training, Soccer Team Training, Basketball Training, Track and Field Training, Softball Training, Rugby Team Training, Tennis Training and Volleyball Team Training, running coach, speed coach, football coach, basketball coach, track coach, tennis coach, soccer coach and boxing coach.

Football Training services

football drills
football training drills
football weight training
football training camps
football training programs

Soccer Training services

Individual soccer training
soccer training sessions
soccer skills
soccer drills
u8 soccer drills
u10 soccer drills
u6 soccer drills
soccer drills for u8
u12 soccer drills
soccer drills for u19
soccer drills for u6

Basketball Training services

basketball drills
basketball strength training
basketball weight training program
basketball training drills
basketball skills training
basketball training camps
basketball training programs
basketball skills
Softball Training

Softball Training services

softball drills
softball pitching drills
softball hitting drills
softball practice drills
softball throwing drills
softball fielding drills
fastpitch softball pitching drills
fastpitch softball hitting drills
rotational hitting drills
fastpitch hitting drills

Baseball Training services

baseball drills
baseball hitting drills
baseball infield drills
baseball practice drills
baseball pitching drills
baseball throwing drills
baseball fielding drills

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We will refund any training session fees during the first 30 days after sign-up; if you are not completely satisfied.*

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