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Our Classes are Ideal for Private School Sports Programs, Summer Camps, After School Sports Programs, Weekend Camps, Team and Group Training, –

Nationwide Classes for Speed, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field, Volleyball, Tennis, Boxing, Wrestling

Join A Sports Training Class – Here are a few classes with descriptions – Classes as-Low-as $15

Sports Bootcamp

Are you ready to push your body to the limits? Do you want to learn the toughest, fittest and strongest exercises? Take yourself to the next level with this metabolic workout focused on total body conditioning and high calorie burning. Individually or in a group, our bootcamp training includes intense cardio, core work, strength training as well as exercises to build your flexibility and mobility.

Ab Factory

Toned abdominals and a strong core require targeted training. With Sports Training Los Angeles, we provide a focused core workout that tones your abdominals, back, hip flexor and other stabilizer muscles. Ab Factory 101 is a 30 minute training session you will be pleased you pushed through.

Heavy Hitter

Sports Training Los Angeles offers you an extreme weight training program that is designed to increase power and promote dramatic gains in size and strength. Work out your entire body – building your muscle and overall strength.

HIIT for Sports

High Intensity Interval Training is a 30 minute workout designed to improve your overall stamina, endurance and strength. HIIT for Sports will improve your speed, agility, footwork, balance and functional strength for an explosive result. Sports Training Los Angeles promises that your expectations will be met with this dynamic cardio training!

Alpha Youth Training

If you’re a young athlete, consider Sports Training Los Angeles’ Alpha training workout series. This workout regime focuses on total body condition and muscular endurance. Our sessions also work to strengthen your core and improve balance flexibility as well as stability. We design our sessions to bring young athletes closer to the world of sports training.

Speed & Agility Training 101

Do you want to maximize your speed and agility? Sports Training Los Angeles’ Speed & Agility Training 101 will help you reach your goals. Our training includes dynamic warm-ups, fundamental speed exercises and athletic movements — all guaranteed to build important muscle. Athletes looking to build a solid foundation in speed and agility should take this course!

Strength and Core 101

Learn proper muscle building techniques by using light weights, resistance bands and your own body weight! Sports Training Los Angeles focuses on core workouts for abdominals, back, hip flexors and other stabilizer muscles to increase your overall strength. We work to transform you into a stronger and more physical performer.

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40 Yard Dash Training – Code is: @40time
Ab Factory 101 – Code is: @abfactory
Alpha Youth Trainin – Code is: @alphatrain
Baseball Fundamentals – Code is: @basetrain
Baseball Pitcher Training – Code is: @basethrow
Basketball Fundamentals – Code is: @basketfun
Basketball Owaca Training Team – Code is: @bbowaca
Basketball Shooting Lessons – Code is: @bballshoot
Basketball Speed & Strength 101 – Code is: @bbspeed101
Basketball Training Elements – Code is: @basketele
Boxing Amateur Training – Code is: @boxamateur
Boxing Fundamentals- Code is: @boxingf
Boys Sports Conditioning – Code is: @boyssportc
Boys Tennis Fundamentals – Code is: @boytennisf
Boys Volleyball Fundamentals – Code is: @boyvolleyf
Combine/Pro Day Training – Code is: @combinepro
Cross Country Testing – Code is: @crosstest
Cross Country Training- Code is: @runnlong
Football Bootcamp – Code is: @footballer
Football Training For D-Line – Code is: @collegedl
Football Training For DBs – Code is: @collegedbs
Football Training For Linebackers – Code is: @collegelbs
Football Training For O-Line – Code is: @collegeol
Football Training For QBs- Code is: @collegeqbs
Football Training For RBs – Code is: @collegerbs
Football Training For TE/WRs- Code is: @collegewrs
Girls Sports Conditioning- Code is: @girlssport
Girls Tennis For Beginners- Code is: @girlten
Girls Volleyball Fundamentals- Code is: @girlvolley
Heavy Hitter – Code is: @heavyhitt
HITT for Sports – Code is: @hittf
Intro To T-ball – Code is: @tballintro
Soccer Advanced Training – Code is: @soccerfit3
Soccer Fundamentals – Code is: @soccerfit1
Soccer Intermediate Training – Code is: @soccerfit2
Soccer Pro Training – Code is: @soccerfit
Softball Fundamentals – Code is: @softfun
Speed & Agility Training 101 – Code is: @speedmoves
Speed Camp – Code is: @speedcam
Speed Performance Training- Code is: @speedpro
Speed Team Training – Code is: @speedx
Speed Training- Code is: @speedbest
Sports Boot Camp – Code is: @sportsboot
Strength and Core 101 – Code is: @strongcore
Tackle Football Fundamentals – Code is: @tackleball
Track And Field Bootcamp – Code is: @trackboot
Track And Field Performance – Code is: @trackrunn
Wrestling Basics – Code is: @wrestlerb

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