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A Sports and Personal training experience motivated by coaches, trainers and teachers who aim to help you “Learn, Improve and Master” your craft, sport, skill and self. Our daily focus is to magnify your STRENGTHS and minimize weaknesses. We are glad You Are Here, the journey begins Now!

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Sports Training Los Angeles was created by a team of former professional athletes, current professional and elite collegiate coaches and sports experts to make a unique blend of sport specific expertise and training knowledge. STLA members includes experts in all aspects of sports performance training. The experience and expertise are unparalleled by few organizations in the world. The Sports Training Los Angeles website provides information and training services for sports and private clients… as well as background information about our top trainers.


Our Goal – “Learn – Improve – Master”
To educate, enhance and improve the performance of our athletes and personal clients; while empowering them with the tools to successfully compete at the highest level with integrity and personal balance. We aim to help them master the mental elements of themselves, so that they can maximize their physical gifts.


Sports Training Los Angeles provides nationwide speed, muscle and strength training that guarantees great fundamentals for any age athlete, team or private client.


We also provide nationwide personal training, athletic camps, private and group workout sessions for weight loss, speed training, sports agility training, fitness/health training, muscle and strength training, body sculpting, fitness training for celebrities and modeling and sports performance nutrition. All training sessions include conditioning and skill development for your chosen sport.


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Our training SYSTEM delivers faster, stronger athletic movements including:


1. Speed Reaction

2. Stress Resistance/Tolerance

3. Movement Quality

4. Rhythm

5. Coordination

6. Angles Of Efficiency

7. Balance

8. Flexibility


Our Year-Round nationwide training program not only develops key muscles and strength for any athletic sport, but keeps student athletes focused on training during the off-season. It’s perfect for spring breaks, summer vacations, winter breaks and training consistency throughout the year. Through this process athletes and clients will see improvement in overall strength and skill.


Year Round nationwide training is available for most competitive sports including: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Track and Field, Wrestling, Boxing, Tennis, Volleyball, Rugby, Swimming and Softball. Not to mention, nationwide affordable private sessions for parents, teams, businesses or any individual looking to gain an edge on the competition.


We will refund any training session fees 30 days after sign up if you are not completely satisfied


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee